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Board of Directors


Modestine Simpson Anderson

Dr. Michael Brooks

Mr. James Cross

Ms. LaVita Jones

Rev. Aubrey Kinzer-Short

Ms. Sharon A. Maddox
Ms. Rhonda Washington Mathies
Mrs. Gail Carr O'Bannon

Brenda Frazier Shelby

Mrs. Barbara Russell Sloan


Rev. Aubrey Kinzer-Short, Activities

Mrs. Phyllis Smith-Tilford, Care & Concern (Benevolence)

Dr. Michael Brooks, Communication (Newsletter Staff)

Ms. LaVita Jones, MBA, (Finance)

Dr. Lamont Gholston, Sr.; Mrs. Clara Braxton Manso, (History)

Dr. Michael Brooks, (Information Technology)

Mrs. Modestine "Tina" Simpson Anderson, (Logistics)

Mr. James Cross; Memberships (Louisville, Kentucky)

Mrs. Jennie C. Young-Dudley, Memberships (Out-of-Town)

Mrs. Janice E. Bishop-Carter; Mrs. Makeeba Summers Edmund (Public Relations)

Mrs. Mona Smith Moore, (Scholarship Fund)

Mrs. Modestine "Tina" Simpson Anderson, "Official" Smoketown Jackets

Mrs. Annette Tilford Tolley, Smoketown T-Shirts

Smoketown Originals, Inc. boasts over one hundred (100) members from all over the United States. Membership is $10.00 annually or $100.00 for Lifetime which covers ten (10) years. “We are the original Smoketowners!” We are also a 501(C)(3) organization incorporated by the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.



Lifetime Members

Modestine "Tina" Simpson Anderson

Michael Brooks

Lillie White Burney

James Cross

Jennie C. Young-Dudley

Makeeba Summers Edmund

Louis Fuqua, Jr.

Dr. Lamont Gholston, Sr.

Gregory Grimes, Sr.

Carrie Henderson

Dyanne Dickerson Hood

LaVita Jones

Sharon A. Maddox

Clara Braxton Manso

Rhonda Washington Mathies

Glenda Dowery Newton-White

Gail Carr O'Bannon

 Carla Roberts

Brenda Shelby

Lillian Lewis Shelley

Juanita White Shelton

Aubrey Kinzer Short

Barbara Russell Sloan

Karen Diane Leach Staton

Michael A. Stone, Sr.

Patricia "Pat" Simpson Summers

Gregory Sutton

Dr. George Tinsley, Sr.

Seretha Summers Tinsley

Annette Tilford Tolley

Debra Washington

Brenda Beason Wright

Jennie C. Young-Dudley

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