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Come On! ..... Let's Become "Official"

Smoketown Originals, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) organization established by "original" Smoketown residents in the Fall of 2018.  We have specific goals and objectives  and we meet on a bi-monthly basis to plan, organize, and initiate events in the Smoketown area located just East of downtown, Louisville, Kentucky.  We welcome current and former Smoketowners to join us.  Our General Membership Dues are $10/annually; Lifetime​ Membership Dues are $100 for 10 years; and our "Official"  Smoketown Originals members pay their general membership dues ANNUALLY. The dues we collect help support us in fulfilling our organizational goals and objectives; and to support our mission.  If you are true Smoketowners, we welcome your support and would like for you to get involved and serve on a committee, if possible. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at: 

Smoketown Originals Inc.   

Phone 502-632-3192  

or Email:

We thank all "Official" Smoketown Originals members who have supported us in the past and we are grateful for your support.  We welcome your support again as we venture into 2021 . 

Peace and Blessings! 

Michael L Brooks, PhD, MSCM

President, Smoketown Originals Inc.

Come on Current and Former Smoketowners!

Join Us!!

To submit your general membership dues, please send to:


Attention: Membership

P.O. Box 11974-9998

Louisville, Kentucky 40211-9998

Those of you who have CASH APP--then submit to: $SO4402 with explanation, "Smoketown Memberships".

Members may submit additional number of years with their renewal dues. Remember your dues are tax deductible.

To expand our membership and support Original Smoketown Residents, in nursing facilities or under the care of others ,our recommendation is to love them with a sponsorship membership to our community.

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